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Pendant transpa ball quartz butterflies jewellery :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 4 0 Dragon bracelet leather watch steampunk jewelry :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 0 0 Choker snake spine shark tooth Megalodon jewelry :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 3 0 Necklace choker pearls earrings silver shark tooth :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 2 0 Earrings silver fish filigree amber Steampunk :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 1 0 Bracelet watch cuff genuine leather da Vinci Steam :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 0 0 wide cuff bangle bracelet natural leather dragon :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 2 0 choker necklace Steampunk Victorian jewelry pearl :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 2 0 choker necklace white pearls octopus opal pirate :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 1 1 Bracelet cuff bangle leather celtic tree jewelry :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 1 0 Wide bracelet cuff genuine leather watch Steampunk :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 2 0 Choker necklace real bone spine snake tooth shark :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 4 0 Wide bracelet cuff leather wings leopard cat brown :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 1 0 Wide bracelet earrings leather genuine rose flower :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 1 0 Wide bracelet genuine leather cobra snake cuff :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 2 0 Wide bracelet brown genuine leather cat mandala :iconfenixdrag:FenixDrag 2 0


Ursa :iconkarlcori:KarlCori 1 0 Chicot :iconkarlcori:KarlCori 5 0 Day of the Dead :iconkarlcori:KarlCori 3 0 DIA DE LOS MUERTOS :iconkarlcori:KarlCori 2 0 hunter of plains :iconkarlcori:KarlCori 7 0 Thistle :iconkarlcori:KarlCori 3 0 Demon Slayer :iconkarlcori:KarlCori 2 1



Pendant transpa ball quartz butterflies jewellery

Pendant "Crystal dreams: there are...disappearing" butterflies ball transparent carved quartz stylish intaglio pattern engraved jewelry…
Dragon bracelet leather watch steampunk jewelry

Wide bracelet brown genuine leather black watch "Dragons of time" cuff bangle Steampunk, Vintage, Gothic, Fashion style jewelry…
Choker snake spine shark tooth Megalodon jewelry

Choker "Depth: dawn of the dinosaurs" from the spine of this snake with a black shark tooth Megalodon and the black pearl jewelry Boho style…
Necklace choker pearls earrings silver shark tooth
Necklace (women's choker) "Rendezvous" pink pearls and different trendy asymmetric earrings red amber, silver plated, shark tooth jewelry…
Good day! My name is Fenix Drag (Феникс Драк). I am from Russia.
I make jewelry in vintage style , Gothic , Steampunk , and many others. Like rare gems , minerals and unusual design . All my creations - my personal handmade.

"On alias :
Phoenix (Fenix Drag) - it ... as a symbol of harmony, yin - yang . Phoenix and Dragon . And plus I was very attracted the very image of the Phoenix , which is very much in common with our Russian Firebird . Drew not even the fact that she is reborn . In Japan and China there is a legend that when Phoenix arrives in the country , the long , all will be well and happy , and the country will go only towards prosperity , without wars and internal turmoil . And I would really like to see my jewelry as well bring peace and joy to people . Makes you wonder about the fine , and allowed the opportunity to see themselves and the world more than we usually see in the bustle of every day.

On inspiration :
Find inspiration everywhere. So something is my vision of the Victorian era , something - my favorite steampunk , but mostly jewelry go in style " Vintage " as I understood him . In the future I hope to move to more interesting metals and alloys is completely my work , which not only mastering blacksmithing, but 3 -D modeling .
Each piece is created under the original idea . That is the idea at first - and then a long and tedious search tedious at times ( sometimes for half a year ) would suit me the components. "
From my interview for an article on the website…...

You can find me:
I on ETSY…
My profile on  Vkontakte
My group with my freind Tatiana Kozina in Vkontakte - "TM Aprica - copyrights decoration"
My profile on the ""…
My group with my friend Tatiana Kozina in the "" - "Aprica"…
I'm on the website "Fair masters"
My personal website (temporarily under construction)


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